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Gerry Midenyo Congratulates Miss. Susan Mukami.

Mzee Gerry Midenyo has congratulated Miss. Susan Mukami for becoming the chairlady of Kesofo. Midenyo said that Kesofo has shown maturity in leadership by selecting a woman to lead the forum. Speaking to Jamii today, he urged Kenyans to work hard and support the forum to achieve its goals, mission and vision. He encouraged Kenyans to unite and make use of the forum for the benefit of Kenyans in Sweden and in Kenya.

Mr. Midenyo criticized political and religious leaders in Scandinavia for failing to unite Wakenya. The idea of forming Kesofo came when Kenyans in Sweden were disorganized and a need for Kesofo emerged. His words to the forum leaders were, “ideas are to be met with better ideas, not with might. Those who meet ideas with a show of might only serve to vindicate the very ideas they wish to suppress”. Kenyans are a mix of various ethnic groups, a melting pot that has no place for those who thrive on absurd generalizations and negative racist clinches and stereo-typing to cement their racist and tribal views, Mr. Midenyo said.

Kesofo is now the centre of discussion as new faces have emerged to lead the forum. Kesofo is a place where Kenyans can meet, connect, talk about what they hate, love and admire about Kenya. Be it politics, money, religion, scandals, social life and many other activities that are acceptable by the forum. Few Kenyans are criticizing the Forum even before it starts its program. There is a big difference between a team of champions and a champion team. Kesofo is a homogeneous group and the only hope we have is to wait and see what they can deliver.

Together we can do so much more than one individual can achieve alone. We should never underestimate the power of unity, where people pull together with shared passion and single purpose. It is good and pleasant to unite Kenyans in Sweden and work together for the benefit of our small Kenyan community. The achievements of unity translate into every area of our lives at home, at the workplace, and even within our organizations.

Sadly, disunity can also flourish in these same areas. By building the right things into our lives, we can know the power of unity and experience the dreams of our heart. In doing so, we will bring healing and strength, rather than weak Kenyans in Sweden.  Division and disunity has a lot of bad sides. Mr. Midenyo wondered why we have a big division among Kenyans in Sweden. “You eat with your Kikuyu sister or brother today but tomorrow he/she becomes your enemy number one”.

In Sweden, Luo community thinks they are the best of all the times and they are the only ones who can fix things for Wakenya in Sweden. The Kikuyu community thinks that they are money makers and no one can teach them how to make “mbeca”, the Luhyas believes they are the best in all above. The Wakamba, Kalenjin, Wacoast, Kenyan Somalis also thinks or rather believes that they are the best and no any other Kenyan can do it they way they do it. Though we can not generalize the above thinkers, to an extend it is true.   People are criticizing one another based on ethnical line and not who they are as a person. Negative criticism continues to threaten the fragile unity that exists within Kenyans in Sweden.

The right to freedom of expression has been threatened by unprogressive Kenyans in Sweden who are afraid to be shaped up by media. The media also has been biased in various ways and its reporting is one sided, we don’t understand what has gone wrong, said Midenyo. Kenyans in Sweden remain divided between two factions, largely along ethnic or political affiliation. Death of a Kenyan in Sweden normally brings people together for a short time, we still have a big problem of uniting Wakenya and we hope Kesofo under the leadership of Miss. Mukami will do something.

The formation of Kesofo was welcomed by many Kenyans with an illusion that the forum will end a period of disunity between political activists in Sweden and the Kenyan embassy in Scandinavia. However it did not lead to greater union in the direction that we thought. Several unsuccessful efforts have been made during last years to set up cross-over to the embassy staff or to build alliances with other Kenyan organizations in the region but all has been in vain.

The ruling two political party branches of ODM-K and NARC-K have successfully won over several Kenyans representation in the Nordic region. Allegedly with significant increment in membership on both sides, non- political Kenyan organizations have been left behind. Ironically, most of the leaders in Kesofo are leaders also in either ODM-KS or NARC-KS. People have been isolated because they are not politically active or they belong to so and so group. My wish was non-political activists to lead Kesofo but all in all, a leader is a leader.

Several Kenyan non-governmental organizations have been formed here in Sweden with personal ambitions of getting money from the Swedish state but they have forgotten to engage themselves in monitoring human rights violations here in Sweden and in Kenya. For instance, Kesofo failed to send a representative to Nairobi in January this year to attend the World Social Forum. Contrary, ODM-KS which is a political party sent its Secretary to represent the party. How can Kesofo which is a social forum miss such a big occasion?

Many Kenyans in Sweden have been killed, discriminated and majority of them have been faced with harassment. None of the above Kenyan organizations has condemned the actions. The recent victims were Mr. Okoth Osewe, a well know person by many Kenyans and Miss. Winnie Mukaru who by then was the chairperson of Kesofo. They were brutalized and harassed by the racist security guards at Slussen.  The Kenya Embassy in Sweden has a security operation desk headed by Mr. Kinyua, it has been reported by various media many times that Kenyans are being harassed and brutalized by racist people in Sweden but Mr. Kinyua’s department has been silent like no big deal. One wonders why we have an embassy in Sweden. Who will unite Wakenya?

Munala Wa Munala.


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