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Miss. Susan Mukami Is The New KESOFO Chairperson.

The Executive Committee of Kenya Social Forum in Sweden (KESOFO) met on Friday to distribute responsibilities among the committee members. The meeting took place at Wananchi Pavilion in Stockholm city. For the first time in history, Mr. Okoth Osewe, a well known journalist in Scandinavia was chosen to be the vice chairperson of the forum. For many who know him, they know him as a customized Secretary of many other organizations. Mr. Osewe was among the initiative takers who formed KESOFO and he has been overseeing the operations of the forum for the last one year.

The forum elected a new executive committee two weeks ago and 8 members were elected. This is the 1st Forum’s executive committee that is officially elected by the members of the forum since its inception. As per the forum bylaws, the elections were conducted in a manner that was transparent and democratic in which all outstanding members were able to participate for the nomination, and voting for the new leadership of the forum.

The Following 8 members were elected as KESOFOs executive committee for the year 2007/2008 and their responsibilities are as the following:

 Chairlady: Miss. Susan  Mukami.
 Vice Chair: Mr. Okoth Osewe.
 Secretary: Mr. Dancan Munala.
 Vice Sect: Mr. Makan Macharia.
 Treasurer: Mr. Silas Njuguna.
 Vice Trea: Mr. Trubadur Mosgi.
 Members at Large: Sara Nielson and Daniel Mwaura.

On behalf of the general membership, Miss Mukami congratulated the hardworking members selected by their peers for the leadership of the forum for the coming year. Speaking after taking her new office, Miss. Mukami wished the committee a great success as there is alot of work ahead of them; likewise she said, “we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the outgoing interim executive committee for their outstanding achievements they have accomplished during their tenure. They have shown resilience, dedication and passion for the Kenyan people in Sweden and even back home in Kenya.”

The Forum is now faced with a big task of recruiting members and an action plan has been laid down for the coming one month. With new leaders taking over KESOFO, Kenyans are waiting to see if Miss. Mukami and a team of seven will deliver. One of the challanges facing the forum is how they will unite Kenyans in Sweden who have been divided on political affiliations. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Silas Njuguna was awarded for the good job he has done for the Forum. Members agreed that, Mr. Njuguna did a great job in treasury and deserved the reward. The chairlady urged him to continue with the same spirit and encouraged other members to work hard to challenge Mr. Njuguna’s record.

Jamii crew would like to extend their appreciation to the forum members in general for their support throughout the year 2006. We would also like to congratulate the new executive committee members and wish them good luck in their jobs.

Munala Wa Munala.


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