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Ugandan Kills Wife In Sweden

A 24-year-old Ugandan for no apparent reason killed his wife by cutting her throat at their flat in Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden.

“I want to tell everyone in Sweden that I am very sorry. I beg for forgiveness for what has happened,” He is a slim man, a person you can hardly associate with murder. But on March 19, he strangled his wife, Grace Monica Nakkazi, and then cut her throat following a minor family dispute.

Nakkazi, a Ugandan by birth, held a Danish passport. “I can’t explain what went wrong. I have never been violent; I didn’t mean to hurt her. I loved her,” he said. After the crime, Ssegujja placed a blanket over the body and telephoned the woman’s relatives in Copenhagen. He notified them that he had killed his wife and wanted to know the telephone number of the Police.

“I was not angry. It must have been demons that were haunting me. No human being can do what I did,” Ssegujja said. “Everything else we did shows that I loved her. I did everything for her to be happy”. The 24-year-old says that the fight was about a room which the wife wanted to rent in Copenhagen.

“I didn’t want to spend so much money on another apartment in Copenhagen. I thought we should buy a car.” The couple met in Kampala when they where children and went to the same school. Monica moved to Denmark but they kept in touch. In 2004, they got married in Kampala. “It took a year before I came here. Before that, she visited me three times a year.” Ssegujja said they were planning to return to Uganda.

“I dreamt about being a businessman in Uganda or sit in Parliament. I had promised never do anything illegal in this country. And then this happens. Now everybody is going to think that we people from Uganda are like this. That’s completely false. My life is destroyed. But I still want people to forgive me.”

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