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Winnie Wangui Mwai To Marry A Suspected International Criminal.

Artur Margaryan and Artur Sargasyan (described as possibly also being Russian or Czech nationals) amazed and shocked Kenyans with their connections to the highest office in the land.  As if that was not bad enough, Winnie Wangui Mwai has now declared that she wants to marry Mr. Margaryan. Questions that were immediately raised by the Kenyans on why they were allowed to use the official Government of Kenya VIP Visitors Lounge are still hanging in the air, despite the report that was presented to President Kibaki last year.

Artur Margaryan and his brother Artur Sargasyan, threw lavish parties, drew guns, and flashed cash, amidst claims that they were mercenaries, hit-men, drug dealers and arms traffickers. Most shocking, Artur Magaryan was rumoured to be enamoured of the President’s reputed daughter Winnie Wangui. On the first occasion in January 2004, an unsigned press release from State House pointedly delimited the President’s family, secondly addressed the press on the membership of the presidential family, while thirdly recounted Ms. Mwai’s names as they appear in her national identity card.

The brothers’ public antics infuriated a hostile Kenyan public, but always bubbled over until June 2006 when they finally broke the bounds of tolerance. A public outcry following an incident at the customs hall of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, during which the Artur brothers, in the company of a visiting group of Armenians, assaulted Customs officers using guns in full view of the Police, terrified travellers, and at least one cabinet minister waiting in queue to enter Kenya. By the way, they were deported on first class government tickets to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A couple of days later, President Kibaki instituted a formal inquiry into their activities headed by a former Commissioner of Police, Shadrack Kiruki and suspended several public officers from duty for their various roles in the airport fracas.  The misused Kenyans lost their jobs while their superiors continued with business as usual and they are still enjoying their jobs. Those who were suspended were:

• Joseph Kamau, the Director of the Kenya Police Criminal Investigation Department – alleged to have illegally provided the Armenian group with police rank status as Assistant Commissioners of Police.
• Naomi Sidi, the Deputy Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority – alleged to have illegally provided the Armenians with Airport ‘Access-All-Areas’ identification documents

• Winnie Wangui Mwai, an Assistant Secretary in the Ministry of Water, who allegedly exploited her State House connections to interfere with the arrest and subsequent deportation of the Armenians
• Edward Kiptoo Mutai, Security Warden at the Kenya Airports Authority
• Paul Latoya, a protocol officer with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Stephen Kipruto Tumbo, Senior Superintendent of Police, OCPD Nairobi Division
• Chief Inspector Josephat Gikonyo- OCS JKIA Police Station
• Inspector Daniel Maithya – CIVCRIME JKIA Police Station
• Sgt. Evelyn Owon – JKIA Police Station
• Cpl. James Kimihu- JKIA Police Station
• James Gitonga, Immigration officer I

After weeks of public hearings, it was clear there had been an appalling system failure at the Companies Registry, Immigration Department and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. For example, Kenyans heard testimony from witnesses who calmly stated that there were no recordings of the incident at the airport because the closed circuit television security cameras in the customs and baggage international arrivals hall did not work.

President Kibaki received the Inquiry Report in late August 2006. It has never been made public, as promised. Nevertheless, various media have described its contents and findings:

• It uncovers a pattern of fraud and corruption in the customs, immigration and police services, and also within the Kenyan political elite. It restates the findings of an Interpol investigation which concludes that it is impossible to verify the true identities of Artur Sargasyan and Artur Magaryan, because they are in possession of travel documents reported stolen in Russia and Europe; further their company (Brother Link International Company Limited) registration documents in Kenya appear to be forgeries or at best obtained in contravention of the law

• Its most explosive recommendation is for the prosecution for tax evasion and corporate fraud of Winnie Wangui Mwai. It also recommends her immediate dismissal from her civil service job in the Ministry of Water. It accuses the Armenians of drug smuggling and money laundering and calls for their immediate arrest should they return to Kenya. Specifically, it states that it believes that Sargasyan was involved in organized crime and drug smuggling and was seeking an outlet for his illegal business in Kenya.

• The Kiruki Commission does not attribute political responsibility for the Kibaki government’s apparent tolerance of the activities of the Armenian brothers. Nor does it report a finding on whether or not it was proper for the Minister for Internal Security to direct the Armenians’ deportation instead of prosecuting them for criminal offences. It also fails to connect the Armenians with a series of cocaine shipments, worth close to 7 billion shillings, routed through Mombassa and other Kenyan ports.

In the fallout from the Armenian affair, the Director of the Kenya Police Criminal Investigation Department was suspended and subsequently retired. Also leaving the public service were the Deputy Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority, while it was announced that Winnie Wangui Mwai was relieved of her position at the Ministry of Water.

Regardless of official statements to the contrary, Winnie Wangui Mwai has told the media that she remains in the public service. At a personal level she also confirms her intended marriage to Artur Margaryan, one of the two Armenian brothers. Considering her purported ilk, any such marriage to Artur Magaryan will be a political significant event to the government of Kibaki. Kenyans, when shall we wake up?

Can it happen in a country like Sweden? Not at all. The interests of the country must come first. Artur Margaryan has shown and demonstrated in many ways that he is a threat to our national security and if he wants to marry Winnie, let them do it somewhere else not in Kenya. I will not be surprised if some of the prominent preachers in Kenya would bless the wedding.

We demand the government to arrest this guy immediately he steps on our Kenyans soil. The book he is writing is full of nonsense because we don’t need a foreigner to come and tell us who is a corrupt person in Kenya. We know them and my advice to Kenyans is to boycott the book and don’t buy it when it comes out. We are more informed than Mr. Margaryan. Let him write a book a bout his criminal activities and his love affair with Winnie Wangui Mwai.

Editor: Munala Wa Munala.

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