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To whom it might concern. By: George Mengo.

Whatever, lies ahead of us, is dread here……,
Whatever one might imagine it to be; whenever one has planned for it; However one would like to have it; …… And so on and so on.

Precaution is better than cure. Forewarned is forearmed.

The above are simply reminders. Henceforth, one should be aware:
        Evil is ever very present ….Withers the essence of life,
     ….Invisible/ visible to the naked eye ….Devours life and life meaning
     ….Eats up positive energy ….Consumes the very air i.e. the very element which is so precious to us human
     ….Laughs with us… However, not forgetting:
     ….Evil is simple or plain….Always human,
     ….Shares bed with us….Eats by our table and travels by our side,
     ….Just awaiting for….The wrong moment or whenever, wherever, however…, one is off guard to strike.

Our everyday; modern day life seems to be all about LOVE.., and / or SENSATION. Nothing is impossible in the name of LOVE and SENSATION.

    ….Creation of causes that leads to sensations,
    ….Sensational being synonymous with thrilling news,
    ….Greedy for sensation….Covetous of sensation,
    ….Craving for sensation….Dieing for shocking news.

That is in other words simply bullshit, and the imaginable joy a laughter one seems to get whenever, whatsoever, wherever, however to others than oneself are facing setbacks/ hardships, thirst, and so on for the price of one feeling a bit better self.

Help!!!! What happened to Genuine LOVE, Genuine Belief in goodness?

Like humans do,
                      I am aching,
                      I am shaking,
                      I am breaking,
                      I am breathing in,
                      I am breathing out…”

Whatever lies ahead of us, is already here……

Therefore, please do allow me to REMIND YOU THE CONCEPT and TOKEN of COURTESY of CHOICE, which reflects the CENTURIES-OLD Philosophy that acknowledges differences, while allowing them to EXIST together in HARMONY.

Courtesy of Choice accommodates the preferences of individuals, in the Spirit of CONVIVIALITY and Mutual Basic Rule i.e.
                  Show responsibility….Show Sound Judgment.
                  Show Care….Show Caution.
                  Show Consideration….Need Not Hinder…Need Not Obstruct.

And further more, having in mind that Human Nature has an immense capacity to SURPRISE!!!
To honor Africa, it would be NICE to look at some of the MECHANICS and FORCES, involved in order to TEAR DOWN, The so called RACIAL WALLS, if we are,
                                                                  To work towards RACIAL RECONCILIATION.

The following Misunderstanding OR Understanding is PARAMOUNT:-
The Majority of People, in  the Whole Wide World, ASSUME the Degree of Blackness or Darkness of One’s Skin is synonymous with cetaceous plant (CACTUS) which is a turn synonymous with PATIENCE.

This in particular means whatever, the definition of the degree of Blackness or Darkness of one’s Skin might be, and the following is INTEGRAL:-
                                        ….Awareness/ unawareness of the Status Quo.
   ….Step by step process in the Breaking down of One’s Self Esteem, One Another’s or One’s Own Worth.
                                  ….The Ability to Adjust very well to NOT HOSPITABLE Environments or Conditions.
                                     ….Perseverance of Thirst, Hardships or Want of Whatsoever.
                                     ….Perseverance of Misfortunes.
                                     ….Having stamina to survive Whatsoever, Wherever and Whenever.
    ….Having the Energy and Determination to allow Discrimination, Evilness, Racism to be an Obvious Act Committed to Oneself or to Ones Loved Ones  ….Conscious/ Unconscious Choice to How to deal with the Dilemma(s) of life.
   ….By the Sheer Degree of the Blackness or Darkness of One’s skin being ENTICED to Self-Hatred and Hatred of Others Who Resemble Oneself.
   ….Mental Bondage i.e. Self-Denial or Denial of Other Equal Opportunities on The Job, Educational or Economical Market or Otherwise on the Grounds of The Degrees of Blackness or Darkness of One’s Skin.

Dearest friends, for us to make any PROGRESS in terms of RACIAL RECONCILIATION, forward the above factors, among others, CANNOT, be SIMPLY IGNORED.

Oh, Wow, Pssst…, By the way, Do you know that:-
Help means to Hell with Heaven or Excuses Life is good and perfect.

Or if this is Not The CASE, please, please, please, PIMP MY WORLD.
Written by: George Mengo. Sweden

Editor: Munala Wa Munala


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