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Grabbed Land In Sweden Recovered By ODM-KS.

A triangular piece of land at the Ambassador’s residence that was grabbed by the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm and transferred to a neighbor in a mysterious transaction has been recovered. Evidence of the dramatic development emerged during a routine follow-up by ODMK-Scandinavia of the residence of the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mrs. Purity Muhindi.

Since mid-November last year, ODMK-Scandinavia has been waging a bitter struggle with the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm in a bid to recover the grabbed land and return it to the Kenyan government. The struggle heightened animosity between ODM-KS top officials and the Kenyan Ambassador who do not see eye to eye at the moment. The Ambassador refused to meet ODM-KS over the land grabbing allegations.

The land was grabbed days before the former Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mr. Michael Denis Mukiri Kinyanjui returned to Kenya after he was recalled by President Mwai Kibaki. Mr. Kinyanjui transferred the land to a neighbor who told KSB that the transaction cost him Ksh 2 million and that he had all receipts to prove it.

The neighbor admitted to KSB that he personally financed the pulling down of the old wire fence that separated his residence from the Ambassador’s, paid for a new wooden fence that replaced the old fence half way while he also sorted the bill for a new “tree fence” that curved off the land that was transferred to his compound.

The transfer also placed a tree that used to be at the Ambassador’s residence in the neighbor’s compound. The neighbor was happy that with the transfer, his boat would eventually dock near his villa because potions of the water that covered the lake area he acquired in the deal was deeper.


News of the historic and unprecedented land grabbing scandal burst into the public lime light through KSB on 14th November last year after Mr. Njenga Muirani, a gardener who was working at the residence and who was fired from his job by Ambassador Purity Muhindi, blew the whistle after he was unceremoniously sacked from his job.

Because of the gigantic nature of the scandal and its major political implications, KSB crew quickly rushed to the scene and thoroughly documented the criminal activity on video and still pictures. As details of the scandal spread in the Internet, ODMK-Scandinavia also went to work, eventually opening a political campaign that has eventually paid off.

The Party mobilized Kenyans to the Ambassador’s residence to witness the extent of the land grabbing as it also took contacts with the Swedish land office where it obtained original maps that indicated the old boundary. The land office confirmed to ODM-KS that as far as their records were concerned, there had been no recent official change of boundary at the residence and that if anybody had tampered with the fence, then a serious crime had been committed.

ODM-KS then gave the Embassy until December 24th 2006 to ensure that the land was returned, warning that if this was not done, the Party would take initial contacts with the Swedish police to report that a crime of “land grabbing” had been committed by the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm. This was done and the scene of crime was named as the residence of the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia. From the police, the struggle continued.

Armed with pictorial, video and documentary evidence, ODM-KS approached the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and raised the matter. The Ministry then promised to take it up with the Embassy. In the meantime, ODM-KS took contact with Swedish Parliamentarians to discuss the matter and to explore ways in which the grabbed land could be recovered.

Contacts were made with the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs while ODM-Kenya was also contacted by the Stockholm branch and details handed over to ODM-Kenya MPs to raise the issue in Parliament as soon as possible.

The heavy weight of collective political pressure from strategic and powerful quarters has eventually broken the recalcitrance of the Kenyan Embassy and the latest turnaround by the Mission is a tacit admission that ODM-KS was right – that land had been grabbed and ownership transferred.

Back in Stockholm, ODM-KS kept the Embassy constantly on toes over the issue as KSB also revisited the scandal at every opportunity. Initially, the strategy of the Ambassador was to “keep her mouth shut” over the issue and to try to pretend that it was a minor irrelevance. However, both political and diplomatic contacts continued behind the scenes and in the end, the Ambassador seem to have admitted that the Embassy had been caught with its pants down.

When ODM-KS was contacted last month that a “major development” had occurred around the case, the Party thought that the land had already been returned. KSB was tipped but when a team arrived at the residence, the illegal fence was still in place. KSB crew returned to base disappointed that there was nothing juicy to report. However, it became clear that something major was afoot.


News that the land had been returned and that the fence had been moved to its original position was leaked through ODM-KS Office in Stockholm, precipitating a scramble at KSB Offices in preparation for “Breaking News”. When our crew arrived at the residence with two ODM-KS officials, it was clear that ODM-KS had scored a major victory against Ambassador Purity Muhindi. The fence had been moved back to its original spot while a line that marked the illegal fence was too clear to go unnoticed.

According to Mr. Dancan Munala, ODM-KS secretary, the victory is a strong indication that organized struggle pays. Mr. Munala said that the victory was a lesson to Kenyans at home and abroad that it is possible to change the situation with proper strategy, clarity of tactics and good focus on major objectives.

“I take this opportunity to thank Kenyans in Stockholm who have been supporting the struggle to recover the grabbed land together with all those who have been sending messages of solidarity during the campaign”, Mr. Munala told KSB.

The ODM-KS Secretary said that the success in Stockholm could be replicated in Kenya if the country had revolutionary leaders determined to end land grabbing in our country.

“If ODM-KS were to seize power in Kenya, all land grabbers across the country could enter into big trouble because all grabbed land would be repossessed immediately and a radical land re-distribution program put in motion as land grabbers are frog-matched to Court to face justice”, he told KSB.

He said that the Kenyan Embassy might walk away with the crime in Sweden because of diplomatic immunity but warned the Ambassador that ODM-KS will continue to monitor the Embassy closely because the Party had information that more criminal activities were going on at the Mission.


Ms Sofia Njoroge, ODM-KS Treasurer who was at the scene during “breaking news” said that the next step for ODM-KS was to begin a new struggle to end human smuggling between Kenya and Sweden through the Embassy.

“We have information that Kenyans are paying as much as half a million Kenyan shillings to be smuggled to Sweden through an organized Network at the Embassy”, she told KSB.

Sofia said that she has no problem with Kenyans coming to Sweden but stressed that the problem of bringing Kenyans and abandoning them in Stockholm after they have spent a fortune with fake promises of better lives needs to be addressed, not just by ODM-KS but also by other Kenyans who are tired of seeing their sisters prostituting themselves in Stockholm to survive.

“Some Kenyan men have given up and returned to Kenya empty handed instead of living lives of mystery and human suffering after being dumped by senior staff members at the Embassy who brought them to Sweden without a plan”, she told KSB.

Mr. Munala appealed to Kenyans in Scandinavia to join hands with ODM-KS because it is the only force capable of addressing the major issues affecting the Kenyan community in Scandinavia because Narc-Kenya Scandinavia is “as dead as a dodo”.

“Kenyans in Scandinavia need political unity because if they remained disunited, it would be difficult to win political struggles especially on issues that affected the community as a whole”, he said.

He advised Ambassador Muhindi to brace for more battles ahead and concurred with Pastor Beatrice Kamau who suggested that the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia should be recalled because she had totally failed in her duties.

“Intead of protecting and looking after the interest of Kenya as per her oath of Office, she is promoting and covering up crime and the land grabbing scandal is a case in point”, Mr. Munala said.

In the last few days, the Ambassador has been under siege and now that accusations of land grabbing by the Embassy have turned out to have been true, any “breathing space” she might have anticipated has definitely been swallowed up.

Okoth Osewe.


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