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Who Will Be The Next KESOFO Chairperson?

The Kenya Social Forum (KESEFO) will go to the polls today to choose a committee that will run the Forum for the coming one year. Mr. Daniel Mwaura, the vice chairperson of KESOFO said those who are dreaming of failing the Forum will be surprised after the elections. A parade of 6 interim committee members is leading the pack of incumbent in the elections although they are not battling it out with any opponent.

Leading the pack of incumbent is Mr. Okoth Osewe, Mr. Daniel Mwaura, Mr. Makan Macharia, Ms. Sara Nielson, Mr. Silas Njoroge and Mr. Moses T, the most colorful Kenyan musician in Scandinavia to date. The six interim Committee members will have less competition amongst themselves and a win for all of them is very likely. When it comes to the top seat, the line-up is indeed awesome: In lane 1 is Mr. Daniel Mwaura who by now is the Vice chairperson; he is also the chairman of NARC-KS. His major challenge is in lane 2, Mr.Okoth Osewe, the Secretary of the Forum and also Chief of propaganda of ODM-KS. Facing them in lane 3 is Mr.Silas Njuguna, the current vice Treasure of the Forum. In lane 4, 5 and 6 is very open for anything from the rest of the aspirants.

It seems the Forum’s elections are unconstitutional because the current constitution requires 8 people in the executive committee and 2 co-opted members of which KESOFO doesn’t have for now. The political temperature that has been rising in Stockholm between ODM-KS and NARC-KS has caused a lot of damages to the Forum, Mr. Mwaura said. He also blamed Kenyans who are working so hard to destroy KESOFO which he said, was a neutral entity for Wakenya in Sweden. He persuaded Kenyans to come and contest so that the Forum can survive. It is expected that the battlefield is not going to be titanic. We wait and see.

Munala Wa Munala


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