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Bashing Lives of Kenyan Politicians.

It is a shame that our leaders are preaching about drinking water while they take wine. Majority of our politicians cannot be trusted at any point. The people they represent their interests, take the back burner as personal ambitions are put on overdrive. Allow me to give my views on the new road-master in Kenya that has hit the media house for the last few days. Will the opposition have an intact to govern if their preoccupation is to buy expensive machines in the midst of the poor citizens of Kenya? Their behaviours overshadow the genuine desires of many Kenyans.

I recognize the level of disillusionment that the Kenyans have with the current political dispensation. I don’t blame Kenyans for being skeptical about the sincerity of our politicians. With the former reformists radically turning out to be pathetic sycophants and worshippers of luxury machines and life, our politicians enjoys a lot of privileges and sometimes they behave like they have both the country and everybody in it. The leaders that we elected with a lot of passion and pervading sense of national heritage have transformed themselves into a class that the people who elected them are afraid of them rather than respecting them.

Surely, we struggle for a Kenya that has honey and milk for everyone. If history has something to teach us, then none of the current politicians can deliver their promises. You will agree with me that the basic fundamental requirement for human interaction is trust. It would be impossible for any positive human interaction if people had no trust on each other. Currently, Kenyans have lost trust with their leaders. Kenyans are not sure of the sincerity of the politicians they engage in an agreement with. Our leaders are supposed to be our eminent role models. How can you trust leaders who preach about how to improve the lives of poor people yet themselves they live bashing lives?

Kenyans did not elect leaders or politicians to lecture us on what the Kibaki regime has done or hasn’t done, we know it and that is why we are going Orange. Our support for Orange Democratic Movement is genuine and it’s obvious that ODM-Kenya is going to take power. But for what reasons are we supporting ODM-K? We are not going to accept hypocritical leaders pretending to be with the common Mwananchi while they are building the wall of Jericho that divides the poor and the rich. Kenyan people are one and the only two tribes that we have is between the rich and the poor. Kenyans have been used in many ways by the rich elites. How can a rich man represent the views of a poor person?

We hope that the future is bright with ODM-Kenya because it’s the only surest vehicle for change but we still believe that the real change can only come by trying another set of leaders in the management of the affairs of the country. We are not angels to know who is speaking the truth and who is not. We can only make judgments of track record, the past and the present of which will dictate the future of our prominent leaders. The ODM-K set of leaders have promised determination and commitment to correct things and to manifest materially the kind of fundamental changes that we need for Kenya. Our remaining task is to choose the most suitable alternative to Kibaki. Do we have an alternative to Kibaki right now?

Majority of the poor people elect these politicians so that they can represent them. If they wanted to help Kenyans they could have done it even without being politicians. For instance, Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and the rest they are filthy rich. Why can’t they share what they have first before they can start promising honey and milk when they take power? Honey and milk they have, the missing element is how to share it. Charity starts from home. With Kshs 43 million, you can make more than 400 000 toilets in Kibera thus avoiding the flying toilets. With the same amount, you can dig 86 water boreholes in Kibera thus saving Kibera residents who struggle to get clean water. You can open a micro-finance for more than 4000 people with a capital of more than Kshs10 000 thus improving their lives.

The people who elected the above politicians are languishing in poverty. You don’t need to be a politician to change the circumstances that surrounds the poor people of Kenya. Leadership is a factor of various elements for example, personality values, charisma, experience, past, present or immediate social environment or other context of leadership infrastructure. Collectivism is a belief that human endeavour is of greater practical and moral value than individual self striving. Collective interests should prevail over individual ones. After giving our votes to these people, they normally build a fence that a common Mwananchi cannot jump over just to say “Habari Mheshimiwa”. Some of them write on their gates “Mbwa Kali” and also have guards who will never let you near the house.

The moral vision that underlies our leaders is in big questions. Are our leaders moral? If they are, how can they be riding horses as the people they represent languish? If they are representing the poor people, why can’t they live like them? It is upon us Kenyans to cross examine our politicians before we elect them. Otherwise the best way forward is to try a new group of politicians that have a vision with less lies to our people. Elect someone who understands what it means to walk every morning to industrial area to look for (Kibarua) work, who understands what it means to eat ugali and sukumawiki throughout the year without a balanced diet. For how long are we going to be fooled around? Kenyans let us wake up and demand our rights. They have the money, you have the vote.

Munala wa Munala.


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