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Hon. Purity Muhindi Speaks to Wakenya Via A Letter.

My long awaited letter from the Embassy of Kenya in Scandinavia came today at 10.a.m local time. For the first time in my many years in Sweden I received a letter from the people that represents me in Scandinavia. The ambassador, who has never met Kenyans in Scandinavia, now wants Kenyans to give their sensitive information to Kenya Embassy in Scandinavia without Meeting the people she represents. 

Last year at Jamhuri day celebration (I was not invited) that I attended, i met a lady who works at the embassy. I tried to introduce myself but she completely refused to respond back. I insisted and i wanted to know her name but she refused even to look at me. A few minutes later, i saw her speaking to my friend and i asked him who she was, he told me her names were Josphine Awour and she works at the Kenyan Embassy. I was surprised to see her signature in the letter i got today on behalf of the ambassador. I don’t understand how a public figure like J.V.Awour can avoid saying hallo to the people she represents?


The embassy should try to establish contact with us through various local community based organizations like; ODM-KS, NARC-KS and KESOFO so that they can clearly get to know our problems as Kenyans in Scandinavia. I don’t believe even a second they care for us, if they did, they would be in a better position to know us personally since we are very few in number. I don’t know what role the embassy plays with Kenyans who are here for political reasons. It should be informing the Kenyan community about the political situation in Kenya and even in Sweden.


Charges to renew a passport are exorbitant, lots of paperwork and the process is very slow.  Many people are not treated with dignity when they want to talk to some officials at the Embassy. The Embassy officials have chosen a ring of preferred individuals who are above common Mwananchi to associate with. I am very interested to be invited by the embassy for social contact but this has never happened. Since arriving here back in 2000, they have never invited me though they have my personal information. I have been discriminated by the Swedes in different ways and still i feel the embassy representatives have discriminated me even more.


I don’t think the embassy is representing us. For many years, i have seen our Kenyan people perish in this cold country without the embassy raising a voice, said Mzee Gerry Midenyo. Mzee Gerry continues to wonder how they got the address they used to sent the personal information letter and a form to fill his sensitive personal information. “They know us and we don’t need to give them our information in the name of updating our record”. They don’t come to Wakenya parties and if they appear, they sit in one corner enjoying beer and not talking to common Kenyans.


I feel completely alone in this country, few days ago i called the embassy and i asked if i can talk to Hon. Purity Muhindi, i was told to book time of which i did. The ambassador’s Secretary told me everything was okay as long as i can wait for two weeks. On the 14-03-07 at 10.a.m, i was supposed to meet Hon. Purity Muhindi to interview her on general issues concerning Wakenya in Scandinavia. A day before the material date, ambassador’s Secretary called me and cancelled the appointment. I was not surprised because am used to this kind of manual office management and their acts of not respecting appointments and time.


I would like to remind Hon. Purity Muhindi that we as Kenyans in Scandinavia, we are waiting for her to come out and say “habari Wakenya, mimi naitwa Mheshimiwa Purity Muhindi”. The don’t care attitude that they are trying to show Wakenya is a show of lack of respect to Wakenya in general. Many Kenyans in Scandinavia are law abiding people who respect one another. We help one another and we have to remember we are far from home. Our brothers, parents and sisters are back in Kenya and that’s why we are so much concerned about Kenyan affairs. We have many forums in Sweden and she can choose one which fits best her to bring Salamu from Mzee President Kibaki. We are still waiting for that day!

Munala Wa Munala.


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