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Embassy Doesn’t Represent Us.

The Kenya Embassy in Sweden decision to crack down personal information of all Kenyans who live in
Scandinavia has been questioned by a section of Kenyans who reside in the Nordic region.  A section of Kenyans in
Scandinavia are wondering what is the motive behind the whole project.

Ms. Sofia Njoroge, a prominent leader in Scandinavia region tamed it as conspiracy to rig the coming elections in
Kenya. She accused the Kenya Mission in Scandinavia of neglecting Kenyans and she does not see why to give her name to a mission that is not with the Kenyan community in
Scandinavia. She gave an example of what happened a week ago where two Kenyans were brutalized by security guards at Slussen train Station but the mission is keeping its eyes away from the victims.” The embassy is a club of friends who knows one another and they can collect the information from themselves without circulating a letter. They have their ring and you could see it during the Jamhuri day where a few Kenyans were invited”, Ms. Sofia said.


She urged Hon. Purity Muhindi to show up her face to Kenyans in Scandinavia before she can start asking for names and place of birth, she knows all of us were born in
Kenya. “Why do you want to take our personal information and yet you have never met us”? Many Kenyans have been wondering how competent the ambassador is because since she came last year she has been underground and very few Kenyans knows her.


Ms. Sofia’s remarks came after a Kenyan organization that played a major role last year in the late Juliet Kavinga’s funeral arrangement, is on the brink to collapse unless some intervention from the mission. Late Juliet was brutally murdered by a Swedish man and her body was transported to
Kenya last year. The Kenya Social Forum (KESOFO) has been playing a major role to unite Kenyans in
Sweden after the embassy failed to link up with them. KESOFO has elections next week on Saturday but from the way things are, its survival is in doubts. “Kenyans in
Scandinavia are wandering in the wilderness and they are desperate for a leader who can unite them and give them a vision”, said Ms. Sofia.


The mission of the letters in circulation has not been established. However from informal source which was in contact with Jamii, said that as far as the embassy is concerned, it is doing its formal duty of knowing where Wakenya stays and where they were born. Some Kenyans are also wondering if the embassy is representing them here or the dictatorship back in
Kenya. Many questions! No answers! Some are wondering why the Kenyan embassy does not intervene when Kenyans have problems with the Swedish authorities. I know many Kenyans who have problems but the mission just don’t care. There’s nobody to help us out here. The Kenyan embassy does not organize occasions to get to know the people they represent.


During big days like Jamhuri day, they finger point their friends and some diplomats to grace the occasion. When you pass at the embassy, the Kenyan flag is dirty and unrecognizable. We are disappointed at the way the embassy junior staffs are being treated. If the embassy is representing Kenyans in Scandinavia, I would like to invite the Kenya embassy in
Scandinavia to respond to the above views that have been expressed by Kenyan citizens they represent. We would like to create a platform for dialogue between
Kenya diplomatic mission and Wakenya. Hon. Purity Muhindi, we are not out here to discredit your mission but to enlighten you since you have distanced yourself from the people that pay your salary.


Munala Wa Munala.   


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