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Winnie Mukaru Puts Her Foot Out Of KESOFO.

The Kenya Social Forum in Sweden (KESOFO) suffered a major blow today after their chairlady Winnie Mukaru jumped out of the race in the coming KESOFO election that will take place on the 31-3- 07 at the Wananchi Pavilion in Stockholm. 

Arrow is rocking within KESOFO after a dramatic meeting that was held last week to strategize on the election rules. Many members complained that, KESOFO interim committee has failed to give good results. Members who were interested for seats in the committee were supposed to hand their names to the electoral commissioners by 20-3-07. By the time we went to press, the electoral commissioners had only six names from the aspirants. 

KESOFO is now in a crisis after majority of its interim committee members showed little interest in leading the Forum for another year. Mr. Moses Gachi, one of the commissioners confirmed that very few people have shown interest in KESOFO’s election. Aspirants includes; Okoth Osewe, Daniel Mwaura, Silas Njuguna, Moses Gachi, Sara Nielson and maybe Makan Macharia. 

With potential candidates like Winnie Mukaru, Peter Kamau, Muirani Githuku, Grace Kamau, Beatrice Kamau, Susan Mukabi, Gerry Midenyo and Dancan Munala throwing their huts out of the ring, it seems the election is not going to be a titanic battle. However, some green faces might show up. Possible aspirants that may jump in to save KESOFO from sinking are the ones in the interim committee.  

Election temperature is already low and many have blamed the on going high political temperatures between ODM-KS and NARC-KS. Few people have confident in KESOFO after what they call lack of proper vision and implementation of the 14 programme pillar that KESOFO was build on. It is unknown if they will continue with the election plan even after knowing that Wakenya have looked down upon the whole project. 

KESOFO arose as a result of a huge vacuum that existed among Kenyans at an organizational level. Many Kenyans have remained unorganized and the consequences have been felt in different way. The vision of KESOFO was to bring together Kenyans on a common ground upon which Kenyans community in
Sweden can interact and address various issues that continues to crop from time to time. It was found in March 2006. It will be interesting to watch every step the interim committee will take as election date draws closer.

Munala Wa Munala


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