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The Darkest Stages In Our Struggle For Democracy And Freedom In Kenya.

Moi and his network of killers must be arrested and face justice for all crimes they have done, Mr.Ngatia said. Moi is a wanted man and argued all leaders who love democracy and freedom to put pressure on Moi’s arrest for his crimes. He said that Kenyan People will never give up their cause for fear of defeat. Biwott a friend to Moi is mentioned in the killings of former minister for foreign affairs Dr. Robert Ouko through Akiwumi and Sungu reports.  

He is a suspect in many economical crimes and he cannot travel because he is a wanted man. “We cannot allow a few organized political gangsters led by the most tribalist leader in
Kenya history President Kibaki to kill democracy and freedom”. Said Mr. Ngatia. We should remind these leaders how Kenyans shed blood, tortured, jailed, detained, murdered and others forced to exile in the name of democracy and freedom. We cannot keep silent and watch undemocratic, savage and barbarian leaders to destroy and kill the democracy that Kenyans fought hard for. It is only through mass demonstration and civil disobedient that can tame this unpatriotic government of Kibaki that has failed Kenyans.

We would like to remind Kenyans that, such methods are being used by progressive movements and has been used elsewhere even in Americans formidable human rights organizations, through leaders like Martin Luther King and his human rights movement. Opposition leaders must keep united and lead Kenyans without fear and they should prove to the people of Kenya that they are alternatives to Kibaki who has failed Kenyans and betrayed them through his oath of allegiance that he swore at

Park where he was sitting on a wheelchair. In a democratic and civilized nation, Kibaki would be impeached for failing to honor the constitutional oath he swore to defend and protect.

For instance, Kibaki has failed to fight corruption, new constitution, fight tribalism and nepotism, and has failed to create 500,000 jobs. Today the president is working hand in hand with another failure who misruled
Kenya for the last 24 years. Dictator Moi wants to kill multi-party Democracy and turn
Kenya into dark period. Kenyans would never be able to achieve freedom if they continue keeping criminals in the society. Adding strength to the argument is the behavior in which the government has treated the common Kenyans. The ruling class in
Kenya is rejoicing while common Kenyans are dying at their hands. The extensive network of killers in our country has assured the elites continuation of pouring of innocent blood. These killers have been instructed to mix with people to evade detection and they have engaged poor people in poverty firefights in all areas knowing fully well it would lead to civilian casualties.

Innocent men and women who suffered at the hands of Moi and his cohorts and now Kibaki and his network for no fault, are forced to sympathize with these killers and even they vote for them. Moi and Biwott have orchestrated some of the deadly actions with ruthless efficiency. Moi conducted the day-to-day operation with the coordination of several units that worked like military. Moi instructed his police not to get too friendly with civilians though at the same time Moi and his network was obsessively guarded and not everyone could contact the high command. The traitors, human rights abusers and economical criminals should never be allowed to go scot-free but to face fully rule of law in a democratic society.  

Home-guards who collaborated with British colonialist like John Michuki, the Kangema Mp. and the Mungiki leaders who have committed crimes by shedding the blood of the innocent Kenyans are hiding in the church and claiming to be born again Christians. Why do we tolerate the so called Bro. Paul (Kamlesh Pattni) who stole billions of money from poor Kenyans? He must be arrested and taken to court of law. Law is universal and must be applied to all without selecting who should be free and who should be in prison. For instance, former Yugoslavian President late Slobodan Milosevic was arrested and handed over to Hague where he took his life and died. General Noriega of Panama is serving 140 years in an American prison, former
Liberia President Charles Tylor is languishing in Hague and facing human rights violation and other misrule crimes, former President of Bosnia-Serbia Karadzic is being hunted by NATO forces together with General Mladic for cruel massacre of ethnic cleansing of Muslim community.

Arrest Moi and his network of Generals and other security chiefs who initiated and committed Wagalla and Kibishi Massacre and the ethnic cleansings that took place during his time in office and especially in 80s and 90s. This people have committed many crimes than all the above criminals put together. Their misrule is well documented during Moi’s reign of terror. This happened because of Kenyans weakness and lack of demanding for the arrest of Moi and his cohorts. Moi is still free and able to poison and destroy democratic parties that took Kenyans blood to build. Kibaki has joined Moi’s tune and he is dancing in the center stage as Multi-party democracy in
Kenya is on its way to the grave. We could have started demanding immediately when Narc took power for the arrest of those who misruled

What is happening to us is our failure collectively to demand the arrest of the above criminals. Progressive forces in Kenya must come out and oppose, resist and stop President Kibaki and Moi fascist rule and his unpatriotic strategy of killing political Parties and democracy in
Kenya. We condemn other opportunists, reactionary forces and political prostitutes led by central Province MPs’ and other ethnical tribal chiefs who are ethnic, brain washed and their blind support of octogenarian President Kibaki who has failed Kenyan people and a killer of freedom and democracy. By calling for Kibaki’s re-election proves beyond reasonable doubt that Kenyan people admire to be led by failed leaders and dictator who cannot provide them with security and vision. We call upon all western Embassies in
Kenya and their diplomatic Missions to support ODM-K since it is the only progressive Democratic Party and accepted nationwide.

For instance, ODM-K won referendum last year where all Kenyans voted NO against Kibaki’s government which was only supported by central province people where president Kibaki comes from. Many people are mostly brain washed mainly by Government disinformation campaigns and other propaganda like vernacular FM radios, and other government friendly mass media which are preaching hate and people regard Mr. Kibaki as their own president. We are calling upon the western countries to support the people of
Kenya to remove an evil government that has failed to protect and defend its citizens economically, fighting corruption, tribalism, nepotism and respect of follow the rule of law, fight aids and malaria and other treatable diseases that are killing Kenyans daily in big numbers. “It would be a grave political mistake if the west will keep quite when democracy is being killed in Kenya because they must take a position in protecting young democracies in the world”, said Mr. Ngatia. Our people shall live in dignity, honor, safety, freedom, democracy and independence. These goals require our continued struggle amidst shadows of death. We have sown a seed of an ideal and have watered it with struggle. We must reap with joy, said Mr. Ngatia.

Munala wa Munala.


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