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Winne Mukaru Harassed and Discriminated by a Black Woman

The Kenya Social Forum (KESOFO) Chairlady Miss Winne Mukaru, suffered harassment and discrimination from a black woman today at the Slussen subway station at around 12.00 a.m. The exercise was coordinated by the station’s guards.

The guards who acted as if they have all the power from the government to use force against the black people, forced her into their custody room within the station. Earlier on, Winne had chaired a KESOFO committee members meeting to strategize on the upcoming elections on March 31, 2007. From their behavior, those guards acted as if they had a special license to harass the black community in Stockholm and anyone who looked like a foreigner. Many blacks have complained about this type of harassment, but little has been done especially by a Minister like Ms. Sabuni and the Kenyan Embassy in Scandinavia.

The witnesses who were at the scene told us that the guards took Winne by surprise. By the time we went to press, the chairlady was still not ready to give any comment. Those who were in Miss Mukaru’s company questioned why they treated black Swedes so badly, yet they were part of this society. Many were also left wondering if the black people had a place in this racist society. Some Swedes are very racist but they have cemented their racist views in some individuals like the guards. Business was at a standstill when Mr. Osewe, a committee member, wanted to know what had happened to Winne. However, he also had a taste of what she had gone through, when the guards quickly bundled him into the same custody room.

Standing in solidarity with the victims until they were freed, were people from Brazil and Sweden who demanded their release, believing they were innocent. To save the day, the Police came and assessed the situation. It took them around one hour to control a mass of people who demanded the comrades’ release. It seems the government has put the guards in strategic points to harass black people. Many black people have gone though hell in this country and it is time for them to come out and claim their rights. 

If colour/racial discrimination continues in Sweden, who will stop the subversive action? Africans are intelligent and human just like the Swedes. As a minority in Sweden, we have to know that freedom starts by saying NO. It is better for you to die than to live in distress. Why confine distress to the soul? Black people are fighting an everlasting hatred between blacks and the whites. For many years, blacks have not been regarded as human beings who can do things just like the whites. Without laws to protect us, we can not be free. Black people should understand their rights. Let us stand in solidarity to condemn and reject these racist guards. No matter how much we shall sacrifice, we are ready to win our independence and freedom!

Munala Wa Munala.


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