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Jamii Condemns Dictator Mugabe’s Violence on Opposition Members

We at the Jamii Editorial Board, strongly condemn the violence unleashed by President Mugabe and his goons on Zimbabwe’s Opposition members.  

Last Sunday, members, supporters and the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirai, were attacked by Mugabe’s police force which dispersed them at a public rally, claiming it was illegal. Tsvangirai appeared in court today and for the first time, the world media beamed his swollen face and limp, clearly showing the injuries he had received from severe beatings. One of his supporters was shot dead during the running battles with police last Sunday. 

Mugabe, who was initially a true freedom fighter and helped to liberate his country from the yokes of colonialism to achieve independence in 1980, is today a sworn dictator and one of the few remaining strongmen of Africa. Zimbabwe’s inflation is currently the world’s highest at 1,700%. However, Mugabe recently spent £30,000 (300 million Zimbabwean Dollars) to host his birthday party, when he turned 83 years old on 21/02/07.

According to Timesonline (21/2/07), The cost of the party would supply 300 Aids sufferers with antiretroviral drugs for a year in a country where only 50,000 people out of 500,000 infected have access to them.” Unemployment has hit 80% and many workers are poorly paid, thus unable to meet their basic needs.

We fully support progressive Zimbaweans who are struggling for their rightful democratic space. Down with the ruling ZANU-PF and Dictator Mugabe, for violating basic human rights and dragging Zimbabwe back into the dark ages. Aluta Continua! 

Jared Odero and Munala wa Munala

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