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Church And Politics: Analyzing Bishop Wanjiru and Pastor Muiru

The phase of Kenyan politics, having taken a new dimension bringing to birth a historic emergence of some Kenyan pastors to the frontline of active politics, is an approach that was least expected by all. This has left mixed reactions in the minds of everyone, as to whether it is a right move or not.  

Stating affirmatively the said cases of Pastor Pius Muiru of Maximum Miracle Centre and Bishop Margaret Wanjiru of Jesus is Alive Ministries (JIAM), with all due respect to God who appointed them into these noble offices, it is written “touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm.” It is with such fear and reverence to the Almighty God Himself who appoints, which prompts these concerns. These moves have left a mixed reaction in the minds of many Kenyans who are at the crossroads of wanting to establish the truth of who is right and who is wrong.

Whether there is a law which states who and who should not step into politics, is a fact to be examined in analyzing who and who should be listed and eliminated. It is none of my business to say whether it is the right move or not for our pastors to make. This is a matter that is strictly between them and God. However, whatever stand they choose to take as earlier mentioned, has opened a new political arena in the history of Kenyan politics, which if carefully examined, is a result of prayers that have been made to God concerning the Kenyan chapter. As Kenyans, we have a role to play in making things better or worse. Politicking about Bishop Margaret and Pastor Muiru is not a healthy way to open up the field and welcome other upcoming Godly leaders that are less celebrated. It is a time for the Kenyan church to rise up in prayer and seek God’s face in this new move.  

Current Politicians are Greedy

A lot of prayers and prophecies have been made towards the birth and release of new leaders, who will take up rulership from our long term leaders, who seem to have lost the real meaning for leadership. It is apparent that the media have never ceased to point out cases of injustice and corruption committed directly or indirectly. It is also no longer a secret affair that the spirit of greed has continued to manipulate our leaders. We serve a God who is in the business of hearing and answering prayers. He is surely working towards our good and that is why the antenna of the Church in Kenya must be alert to uphold and embrace the promises of God towards our beloved country. It is not by accident that God will let two of His prominent children to step out in active politics and simply sit in Heaven doing nothing. Suppose that they have actually prayed and received the go ahead from God? It is time we Kenyans examined our true love for God. 

Show True Love: Do not Throw Stones

True love is always put to test to bring out its real value and we all know God’s ways are not man’s ways. Is it time to hurl stones at His children or is it time to check where our True Love is? And even if they have fallen, isn’t it noble to genuinely take up the part of a true keeper of one another? Have you examined your prayer? How specific were you when you prayed? What kind of a leader did you ask for? Were you specific or were you general? God is a good God who satisfies the desires of our hearts just as a father and his children. If your children ask you for bread, you will not give them stone. It could be that the time for us to be specific is now and still embrace our brother and sister in the sincere unconditional love of God. Talking and praying are two separate issues. You can pray about someone and yet still spend time politicking about the same person. What you have done is simply to nullify the effect of your prayer. It is time for the church to rise, embrace and uphold our pastors in that uncompromising love of God; to patiently wait on God for He is surely watching us. Please do not throw more stones; keep your mouth shut in prayer and intercession. 

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru: A True Servant of God

There is a wise saying that goes, “if you play with fire it will burn you.” Kenyans, we cannot afford to play with fire anymore. Where are our Christian roots grounded? Are they grounded in God or are they grounded in the spiritual leaders we have? It is written, “Work out you salvation with fear and trembling.” As a matter of fact, Bishop Margaret has been one of the Ufungamano church Pastors who have been mobilizing a lot of Kenyans into prayers for their country and teaching messages on how the church must uphold our leaders as a command to the church. A lot of prayers have been made through many ‘keshas’ with JIAM’s uncompromising every Friday night vigils ever since the ministry was conceived. To date, as true believers with the sincere love of God and grounded in His Word, we can only step in and sincerely pray, because God is showing us that He is surely able to give us Godly leaders. But now we must ask and be specific.  

The bold and outstanding courage exhibited by the church leaders, must be a sign to Kenyans of able God-loving and fearing leaders, who are going to emerge from behind the scenes. To silence a woman like Bishop Margaret Wanjiru who has the potential to inspire and ignite other Christian leaders with capable leadership ability by the help of the Holy Spirit, is like a slap in the face of God who alone can give such grace. I urge that, “If God has called you Bishop and Pastor to prepare the platform for the upcoming young Christian leaders, whom you have potentially probably taught in your congregations either knowingly or unknowingly, then please go ahead. As for you the young Christian leaders who know that God has called you into leadership, it is a platform for you to prepare for your coming, and stop serving God as a fully able political leader undercover. It is your time to prepare to come out.”   

Education, Prayers and the Need for Political Change

The world is radically expanding and advancing in technology that is helpful and relevant in our modern society, but which is undermined by the old style of leadership in which our current Kenyan leaders are rooted in. For example, to employ a modern graduate in an office furnished with an old typewriter, is to display how less-sighted our leaders are towards the need for being technologically up-to-date, in catching up with the dynamic needs and demands of a modern world. If we want our children to be well trained and educated, we must also be willing to give them room for service, not by sending them to other countries to work, but by permitting them to serve in their own countries by initiating an all modern, development awareness wealth of knowledge, acquired through studies. Kenya is one of the countries that are fully flooded with highly educated and able young leaders, yet their talents and abilities are being frustrated by greedy, corrupt old leaders who cannot step down and give them room to serve. Our Beloved Kenya, you are capable of bearing much better fruits which shall last.” Everyone, it is time to stop now and pray! Take time to say this prayer, for you are responsible for your country. 


“Father, in the name of Jesus, we come before you with thanksgiving and repentance in our hearts for our beloved country Kenya. We acknowledge that we have sinned and fallen before you. Please forgive us and heal our land in Jesus’ name. Thank you Lord. Amen.” God bless you all for praying and Stop Throwing Stones. 

Lydiah Mukasa – Sweden 

Notisi: Jamii imechapisha makala hii kwa lugha ya Kiingereza ili isibadilishe maana yake. Mhariri: Jared Odero


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